Real, Actual Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions.

Do you have a question about your current or future marketing project?  Check out the wealth of knowledge below.

1. How long will it take to get my website up and running?
There are a lot of factors, but our average website is up and running in roughly 8 weeks from signing.  The timeline will change based on things like the amount of content, working with your vendors, etc.
2. will I be able to change content on my new website when its done?
Yes!  Unless you request a splash page, or a site for a special situation, your new website will have an editor that allows you to post new articles, make new pages, and make changes to most content.  Obviously, not every little detail is editable through the editor.  It takes a LOT of code to make websites as powerful as the ones we make, and certain features or details may require changes to that code.
3. how do i submit my marketing content to a print shop to make something?
Physical printing of what you see on your screen is a modern miracle.  Think about it - it's crazy!  Keep in mind your screen and a printer use completely different technologies to display your logo or other designs.  In order to make good quality promotional items, print photos, fliers, business cards, etc., you need to make sure you submit a PRINT QUALITY version of your design file to your printer.  You cannot pull content off your website and send that in - if you do, expect a poor quality result.  Feel free to contact us for assistance in working with your favorite print shop.
4. do i need a new logo?
If you don't have a logo:  YES.
If your logo was created prior to 1999:  PROBABLY.
If your logo was designed by Peak 3 Design:  NO.
If your logo doesn't make you feel proud of your organization:  YES.
If your logo isn't consistent (has 19 variations floating around):  YES.
If you consistently get compliments on your logo from people of all age groups and races:  NO.
5. do you have help when you get busy?
Yes.  Grant is the principal designer and founder of Peak 3 Design, but he frequently partners with other designers near and far for feedback, extra help on large projects, or for other areas of expertise that will help our clients the most.