5 Advantages To Having A Website

May 9, 2012 Tips and Answers

Advantages of Having a WebsiteHave you ever wondered, “Why should my business have a website?” or “I have a website, but why should I keep it around?”

Hear ye, hear ye!  Before we get into the benefits of having a website, let it be known that the type of website we are talking about is one that is built to be effective.  Just like with puppies, an argument can be made that a small, ugly website is better than no website at all, but we want your marketing money itself to be effective… and that means spending it on a well-planned site.  We’ll get into more details on an effective website later.  Let’s get right to our topic:


The Benefits

1.  Convenience
While this is an obvious one, it can’t be overstated.  Prospects and clients can access the information they need anytime, 24 x 7.

2.  Credibility
If prospects see that you have a website, it provides a good sense of stability and credibility over a company that does not have one (i.e. your competition).  Even more so, if your website is current, it says a lot about how much you care for your business and for your current clients.  That leads us to number 3:

3.  Currency
No, not money; the state of being current.  It is no longer a frill or luxury to have a website; it is the standard among organizations.  By not having a website, you can inadvertently leave a negative impression on a client or prospect.  This is because it has become an expected part of any customer experience – if it’s not available or not maintained, it communicates that your organization isn’t current or relevant.

4.  Low Cost
A website is most likely the lowest-cost form of marketing your company can ever do.  Most businesses spend more in 1 year on business cards or a yellow pages ad than they do on their websites.  In addition, it is generally inexpensive to add useful tools and features to most current websites that will bring value for your clients and prospects.

5.  Flexibility
Because websites reside in the all-powerful digital realm, the information they display can often be changed instantly and with little effort.  There is no need to do a reprint or redesign as with print media.  In addition, you can receive instant feedback from clients, prospects, and employees on new content and refine it until it’s perfect.